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The Central Bank of India is a commercial bank owned by the central government, established in 1911. It has branches overseas and offers personal internet banking, telebanking services for individuals or businesses that want to stay connected with their clients while away from home; corporate internet banking which allows companies/businesses within the country are able to access financial information at any time through this secure portal; mobile banking where you can check balances on your phone as well as pay bills via SMS texts without having to visit an actual branch location – all done remotely. NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement System), IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).

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Punjab National Bank (PNB) Customer Care Number 24*7

Central Bank of India customers can get in touch with customer care to report lost and damaged debit/credit cards, or any banking related issues. The central bank number is the fastest way for you to make enquiries about details on your account and non-disbursement of cash from ATMs.

Central Bank of India Customer Care Toll-Free Number 24*7 

The Central Bank of India has a 24*7 customer care toll-free number to help you with any banking needs.

The Central Bank of India is committed to providing “simple and easy access” for its customers when it comes time to call in or visit one of their branches. They provide both English and Hindi speaking representatives so that no matter your native language, they can service whatever need arises from day-to-day transactions all the way up through complex financial questions on mortgages or loans.



Central Bank of India Credit Card Customer Care Number

In order to prevent fraudulent charges, the Central Bank of India offers a number for customer service. Call 1800-222-368 and speak with an agent if you’re worried about any suspicious activity on your account or want to block it in case it’s been stolen.

You can contact the Central Bank of India Credit Card customer care contact  numbers for any queries and complaints. In case you are unable to get through, or there is heavy traffic running on their phone lines, simply call one of these other helplines which will connect you with a representative without requiring long wait times.



Central Bank of India Debit Card Customer Care Toll-Free Number 24*7

If you have questions about card hot-listing, card not working, card not working for online registration and transactions, failed transaction in ATM/POS/ Online & Account debited requiring reversal and other such debit card and ATM-related services, call the numbers mentioned below or email to get your issues resolved.

Type of Services Required Contact No. Required Email ID
Hotlisting of Debit Card 1800 22 1911 debitcard_os[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]in, debitcard[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]in, sm4atm[at]centralbank[dot]co[dot]in
If Card is not working for online transaction & registration 022 49197323 debitcard_os@centralbank.co.in


If  transaction is failed in ATM/Online/POS & revarsal of debited account 022-49197314/15 atmrecon@centralbank.co.insmatmreversal@centralbank.co.in

Hotlisting of Central Bank of India Debit Card/Credit Card through/Via SMS Service

If you’re a customer of India’s Central Bank and your credit, debit or banking cards need to be blocked for any reason (lost/stolen), just send an SMS from the registered mobile number linked with them. If it is reported as lost or stolen, they will block card usage immediately so that criminals can’t access your account. The number is as following-


Service/Action SMS Code/Formate
For blocking of all cards linked to registered mobile no LOST 
For blocking particular card no. LOST <space> Card No.
For blocking of particular account card  LOST <space> Account No.

Central Bank of India ATM Customer Care Services

Central Bank of India understands that the customers need a quick and efficient service. This is why it provides a dedicated ATM helpdesk fax no. for assistance in case there are any issues with their Central Bank of India ATMs, let it be non-disbursement or malfunctioning machines, card stuck problems etc., can contact the bank’s toll-free fax number through a reliable fax machine on the following number.

 022- 22 630104

Central Bank of India PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana) Grievance Redressal Email ID

For those of you who are associated with Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana, the Central Bank of India has an email address for your grievances. If you have any complaints or issues from the bank then send them to pmjdy[dot]grievances [at] nic [dot ]in

Central Bank of India Customer Care Services/Centres For MSME

You may be an MSME Entrepreneur who has a financial/banking relationship with the Central Bank of India. If this sounds like you, then there is help for your grievances. To contact CBI customer care centres and get quick resolutions to all types of complaints, please visit:


Final Words For Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India has a long and glorious history, with the bank being established in 1911. In its early days, it was one of only two banks owned by Indians that operated during British rule. The Central Bank now offers all sorts of services to help customers cope with their finances on both personal and professional levels from internet banking options for individuals to corporate level IT solutions.


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