Unlock/Unblock Jio SIM/Jio Phone PUK Code

unblock jio sim puk code in jio phone

In this post, I’ll show you how to unlock your Jio phone. There are a lot of reasons why your phone might get locked – maybe because there was some security issue with it.

In order to unlock the phone, you need the PUK code which is 10 digits long. Each step is numbered below and explained in detail in the text that follows.

If you have lost your mobile phone, don’t worry. You can unblock it remotely with Jio’s online self help portal.

All that the person needs to do is enter the correct PUK code of their Jio SIM card and voila- you will be able to use their cell again.

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Know About PUK Code & PIN Code

PUK (personal unblocking key) Code is a type of protection for your SIM Card in the event that an unauthorized user gets their hands on it.

It contains 8 numerical digits, and can be supplied by your network service provider. There’s no relation to mobile devices with this kind of security measure though.

Process To Unlock Jio SIM PUK Code in Jio Phone

First of all you have to get personal unblocking key to unlock your jio phone.

Process to Find Out Jio Phone PUK Code  

If you need to unlock your phone, there are two possible ways. One is by using the Jio Selfcare Portal and another way would be contacting a support center directly through their contact number.

Process 1: By Jio Self Care Portal

Did you forget your Jio SIM card PIN? Don’t worry, the solution is easy.

Open any web browser on your device and enter https://www.jio.com/selfcare/lost-login/.

Now type in all of the details including date of birth (DD), email address for verification purposes, and an alternate number to contact if needed then wait a few seconds until it’s ready. You will get a code.

You can now use this code as soon as you get back into self care portal too with these steps:

1) Enter PUK code at JIO Self Care Portal

2) Choose option “SIM Card Unlock”

3) Follow instructions from there

Process 2: By Contacting Jio Support Center

To get your Jio SIM card unlocked, call 1800-889-9999. Give all the necessary details to an agent like email address and date of birth so they can pull up your account information which will allow them access to a PUK code for you that is needed in order unlock it.

Unlock your Jio phone quickly and easily with the PUK code. Enter it correctly on this box to unlock your device.

PUK Code on Jio phone

You can set a 4 digit PIN to your phone so that it will not work when someone enters the wrong code. If you enter the wrong code many times, your phone will be locked and you’ll need to enter a PUK code.

The PUK code is unique for each SIM card, but the PIN is something that you manage and modify on your own. It will take 10 tries before your SIM gets locked permanently and then there’s only one solution: getting a new SIM card. So make sure you enter all of the digits in the PUK carefully when unblocking your SIM so that you don’t have to get a new one.

About the Post

This post will help you to get your Jio SIM PUK code and unlock your Jio phone. You have to take care of your phone and the data in it.

I recommend that you go to the self-care portal on the Jio website and get your PUK code there because this way, you don’t need to wait for a long time for the code. In case of any security issues detected on your phone, know procedures that can help you recover your phone and data back in a secure way.


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